Women Make Better Negotiators Than Men: Take That to The Bank


If you manage a business, and have more men employed than women, it might be a good idea to even that number out. For years, there has been a debate about who makes the better negotiator, and it’s now safe to say that argument can finally be laid to rest.

Although in the past studies have shown the contrary, recent research has proven that things are different today. Researchers at the University of Tel Aviv have shown that women in the workplace are just as savvy and assertive as their male colleagues during negotiations. The research also concluded that women yield better results.

This means that a new generation of tough female negotiators are emerging in today’s workplace. Female empowerment has taken a new look and is driving positive outcomes for women, the companies they work for, and the companies they build themselves.

While the study is accurate, there are still many women who want to improve their negotiating skills. Here are a few tips to do just that.

Practice asking

The biggest problem isn’t in asking but the moments leading to it. Sometimes we have a conflict with ourselves before we ask –  those moments of “what if?”  can lead to not asking at all. Whether it’s asking for a raise at work, or asking a local magazine to take your name off their mailing list, do so without contemplation. At times, overthinking kills the action.

One way to make a request is to imagine you are doing it on behalf of a friend or colleague. This takes away the burden of feeling “selfish” or “greedy”. You will also become more confident when you present your case.

Think bigger

In any negotiation, there is a potential for expectations to rise. Where you begin isn’t where you’ll end. If your asking price is low, then you’ll get something low in return. Ambition is what drives many successful people, so you’ll want to apply the same strategy in the negotiation room. Learn to say no if you don’t agree with certain terms. You have the same playing field as the other negotiating party.

Grow your network

Negotiating doesn’t necessarily have to be a solo activity. If you have a wide network of friends and colleagues, you can make better decisions. For example, going into an interview without an idea of a base salary can leave you negotiating blindly. But if you have friends in similar professions, you can brainstorm with them and walk into an interview with an arsenal of information and facts. Nothing empowers like knowledge, so work to expand your network.

Train your body & mind

It’s worth taking the time to improve your health by working out, especially because the business world can be a tough arena. The better and stronger you feel, the more confident you will be in your negotiations and the higher the chance that you will achieve better results. You can also help your cognitive mind and work focus with Nootropics as they will help give you clarity and concentration on the work tasks at-hand. Training experts from Supplement reviews AU say “It’s important to give your body the right proteins and vitamins to stay in top shape for the work force. With modern Nootropics you can give yourself the edge with cognitive help and a memory that facilitates learning.”

Take training courses

There’s a training course for everything these days! Marissa Mayer, the previous Yahoo CEO, was not always the charismatic speaker she is today. But she trained herself from an introvert to become the leader of one of the most influential tech companies around. Classes are often a great idea because you feed off of other’s thoughts and brainstorm ideas with other people in the same shoes. But if you don’t like the idea of a collective training course, you can always work one-on-one with a mentor.


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