How Cloud Computing Improves Business Operations In Manufacturing


As cloud computing has evolved over the years, an increasing number of industries have found ways to use the technology to their benefit. One particular industry that’s gained a lot in recent years by utilising cloud systems is the manufacturing industry.

The manufacturing sector is a complicated one with various moving parts and different specialities that need to come together to achieve a defined goal. In order to accomplish this effectively, companies in the manufacturing sector need a safe and effective way to gather all their data and share information as necessary. This would normally be a tedious process but cloud computing has offered solutions to make the process more streamlined and faster. But beyond communication, below are other ways the manufacturing industry is benefiting from cloud computing.

Increased agility

According to Brendan Wilde of Umbrellar – A Cloud Company, “Cloud based solutions are versatile enough to make it possible for any type of enterprise to benefit from its usage “One benefit all industries can enjoy from cloud computing is the level of flexibility it offers…”

With constant breakthroughs, technology is constantly advancing. And with new technologies comes new and better manufacturing systems. But a manufacturing   will likely have problems staying updated if it has in place an outdated IT infrastructure. Fortunately, with cloud computing, manufacturing companies can stay constantly updated and ready to move into the future.

Generally speaking, when compared to traditional systems, cloud-based systems take less time to roll out. This no doubt makes it exceedingly easy for manufacturers to stay updated on new developments and processes. And thanks to the scalability of cloud computing, it is also easy to modify and tailor a cloud based system to best suit the needs of a manufacturing firm.

Easier access to more effective and powerful resources

With the help of the cloud, manufacturers no longer have to restrict themselves to what can be gained from an in-house IT infrastructure. This is because almost every conceivable IT challenge already has a cloud-based solution that best suits it. For instance, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) can provide access to virtual servers, storage, and other virtual computing resources immediately it’s needed. Software as a Service (SaaS) also offers access to software that is hosted and managed by a third-party cloud specialist.

Simply put, cloud computing offers everything from raw processing power to software which can be rolled out in little time to satisfy a present manufacturing need.

Reduces operating costs

For a manufacturing company to have top of the line IT infrastructure in place, it will require a considerable investment in resources such as licences, powerful servers, skilled staff, and so on. All these will be necessary not just to put the infrastructure in place, but to also keep it operational. Such an endeavour will cost a significant amount of cash and if improperly done or there’s problem, it could result in even more financial costs. But with cloud based solutions, a majority of such costs are taken out of the equation. According to The Cloud for Manufacturing, up to 54% of costs related to IT infrastructure can be cut by opting for cloud-based manufacturing solutions.

Thus, if you are in the manufacturing industry and are yet to explore the cloud, it’s perhaps time to reconsider.


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