About Us

About Us

Naomi Burgess was created with the intention of providing aspiring businessmen and women all the information they need about important changes taking place in the business sector.

The world of business is an extremely dynamic one that undergoes ups and downs on a constant basis. Changes that occur in the business sector are usually brought on by a variety of factors and because the world is now a global economy, a change in one part of the world is capable of affecting the business proceedings of a company on the other side of the planet.

By providing readers on our platform the latest business news, we give them the opportunity to make better business decisions and stay ahead of the competition. This is possible thanks to the expertise of our writers who have years of experience in various fields of business and are more than happy to guide you to business success with their in-depth knowledge.

The sort of articles we publish are not limited to typical business sectors. Instead, they also cover a wide variety of businesses and significant events transpiring in a variety of industries across the globe. Also, the news we provide is the latest from the world of business and we ensure all details are properly verified before publishing so as to guarantee our readers have access to only a 100% accurate information.

Other categories that our website covers to support those that are active in the world of business include;

Advice & Guides

Our website is a great resource where you can find insightful information that will help you effectively navigate the windy roads of business. Depending on your business goals, we have available useful articles and guides that can help you accomplish your goals smoothly and in a cost efficient manner. The advice and guides we provide offer a variety of pertinent information that cut across various industries and markets. Click here to access insightful guides to help grow your business.

Business Ideas

For aspiring business people or entrepreneurs who would like to break into new markets or try their hands at something new but lack a business idea to pursue, we provide innovative business ideas that can turn your brand into a prosperous one within its niche. To find a new business idea that best suits your strengths and resources, click here.

Opinion & Interviews

The opinion of industry experts and leaders can be useful if tailored and properly applied to suit the needs of your business. Click here to view the latest opinions from seasoned business experts.

Market Analysis

The data from market analysis can be a powerful tool in the right hands. To access all the insight you’ll need to stay ahead of the competition and prepare for market fluctuations, click here.


Entrepreneurs face a lot of obstacles and challenges in the modern market during their start-up days. Those that manage to eventually succeed usually have access to useful information and guides. Click here to find how to make your entrepreneur journey one with a happy ending.

Naomi Burgess is where you’ll find everything business you need to win in the market.

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